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Portuguese company specialized in integrated automation systems wants to establish manufacturing agreement

This Portuguese company was founded in 2005 and specializes mainly in integrated automation systems for developing special machines, industrial systems and electrical cabinets. The company is interested in signing manufacturing agreements with foreign partners....


Austrian innovator seeks investors in order to bring a highly modular power strip system to the market

The Austrian company has developed a veritable innovation: a highly flexible power strip system with additional functions. The system is freely scalable in a similar way to Lego with electric socket modules and freely selectable functionality modules. The development stage is close to completion and a prototype is avai...


German complex und economical cold formed metal parts offered via manufacturing and commercial agency agreements

A German company is specialised in high-precision components, cold formed parts, turned parts and screw plugs for the automotive, hydraulics, drive technology as well as mechanical and plant engineering sectors. Flexible processes and intelligent methods enable them to respond quickly and manufacture the customer-speci...


A Spanish family business that manufactures premium quality hand-made author´s chocolates is looking for distributors and/or agents

A Spanish family business that currently manufactures 12 varieties of hand-made chocolate is looking for distribution services or commercial agency agreements. In addition to the traditional flavors (dark chocolate, milk and white) the company manufactures chocolates with author´s recipes with the flavors of anchovy, ...


Armenian producer of natural mineral and earth pigments is looking for commercial agency , distribution services or manufacturing agreement

This Armenian company is specialized in production of high-quality natural mineral and earth pigments, that can be used in manufacturing a variety of paints, as well as in restoration projects, cosmetics, food and elsewhere. This manufacturer is already exporting its production to foreign countries and wants to find ne...


Sales agents sought for truck-friendly clean fuel offering by a French SME, partnership sought is a commercial agency agreement

The French company is specialised in the distribution of LNG (Liquid Natural Gas) and bio-LNG. The company seeks representatives / agents to promote its specialised fuel card, which allows transporters to refuel economically and efficiently their LNG trucks along the main European corridors. The partnership sought is ...