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Consultora holandesa de movilidad busca nuevas formas de relacionar la experiencia de viajeros a nivel de calle y del entorno con el tráfico objetivo y volumen de transporte


The Dutch corporate delivers advice, services and software products related to mobility to a network of traffic engineers, policy officers and road authorities. They want to improve the performance of the mobility system with experience. They are searching for ideas, methods and techniques to create a so called ‘experience monitor mobility’. The cooperation would be in the frame of a technical cooperation agreement. This technology request is part of an open innovation challenge.


"The Dutch corporate consultant has 50 years of experience in mobility engineering in the Netherlands. Thanks to data sources and techniques to quantify the performance of the mobility system, they know how to deal with growth in numbers of cars and people. The company focuses on all kinds of solutions for network management, public transport, parking, pedestrians and cycling. For example: two Dutch 'new towns' which are well known for their advanced mobility concept, have been designed by the Dutch corporate.

About the challenge
The performance of the mobility system is the responsibility of road authorities. Next to objective measurements that indicate to what extent users are confronted with delays,(i.e. casualties that occur and parking places that are occupied ) the experience of travelers is an indicator of increasing importance for policy makers to assess the performance of the mobility system. How do people experience traffic in cities, dangerous traffic conditions or delays as a result of congestion. That is why it is important not just to measure experience in a generic way but also the explanatory factors which determine this experience. To measure this experience adequately for the whole of the Netherlands at neighborhood level (or even smaller) without the necessity of conducting a large scale survey, is a challenge. Social media data could be an interesting source for this purpose, but there might be possible other or better sources available. Therefore, the Dutch corporate is looking for suitable measures or methodologies to optimize travelers experience with a so called ‘experience monitor mobility’.
The cooperation would be in the frame of a technical cooperation agreement and involves the joint development of an ‘experience monitor mobility’, including the implementation of techniques to collect and analyze the experience data and explanatory variables in a showcase or Minimal Viable Product. The 'experience monitor mobility' will be launched (integrated with the objective data) in the governmental market.

Innovation Challenge
IMPORTANT: This technology request is an innovation challenge that is published on an open innovation platform. If interest in cooperation with this firm is expressed, the potential partner will be guided towards this open innovation platform on which he can get in touch with the company via a chat function. Mind that posts on this platform are not confidential. Besides open discussion on the platform, sharing of confidential information will be made possible on demand. After closing of the open innovation platform on December 1st, the corporate company will make a selection of the organizations that have been active in the chat for further contact. Expressions of interest that are made after December 1st will be handled as usual in the Network."

Current Stage of development 1:Concept stage Exploitation of RTD results Intellectual property rights
Organisation type Current and potential domain of application


Collaboration type 10:Technical cooperation agreement

"SME’s and start ups with experience in Social Media, Crowdsourced information, Computer/data science, Data intelligence, Software development, Statistics , Behavioral science and Creative thinking Role of partner: SME's are invited to share their ideas and propose their solutions. After being selected, the SME will be proposed to participate in the development of the requested solution. Other types of partnership can be offered and discussed with the company."

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