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Empresa albanesa dedicada a la producción de aceituna y aceite de oliva busca fabricantes de una máquina para eliminar huesos de aceituna


It is an Albanian company, founded in Elbasan in 2008. It operates in collection, conservation, packaging and trade of various food products. Its activity is focused also in the production and processing of olives. Being such, the company is interested to find potential partners for cooperation under commercial agreement with technical assistance.


"This Albanian company is located in Elbasan, in a relatively rich area in olive tree cultivation. The company is active in cultivating, processing, packaging and trading of olives and olive oil. The company is looking for olive seeds remover machine manufactures to be suitably adopted in the particular local needs.

The company is looking for machines to simplify the extraction process using this alternative and making easier the processing methods.

The Albanian company is looking solutions that are easy to use and ready to be implemented in the olives and olive oil industry. It is willing to collaborate with the provider of the technology in order to customize the solution to fit its needs. The type of partnership sought is commercial agreement with technical assistance."

Current Stage of development 6:Already on the market Exploitation of RTD results Intellectual property rights 15:Other
Organisation type Current and potential domain of application


Collaboration type 13:Commercial agreement with technical assistance

"The Albanian company is looking for companies which have manufactured technological equipment for the olive seed removing process. The proposed solutions should fit the local needs and varieties of olives. The type of partnership considered would be commercial agreement with technical assistance. The partner should be able not only to install the solution but also to provide maintenance and technical support after the installation."

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