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A Russian company from Yekaterinburg was founded in 2017. The company has been developing technologies for the treatment of industrial wastewater and drinking water since 2017. These technologies are based on the use of highly dispersed modified aluminosilicates with a particle size of 20-100 nanometers. The surface area of these materials is over 500m2/g. The use of various surface modifiers allows the removal of a wide range of contaminants from water.
The company has developed technological solutions in the field of water treatment The company offers the following technologies:
- Industrial and storm water treatment technology. The technology is based on the use of sorbents-hydrosols that have no analogs in the world. The sol particle sizes are from 10 to 20 nm. These materials combine the capabilities of solid-phase sorbents and coagulants. The sorption efficiency is at the level of ion exchange resins. On the basis of reagents, a technology has been developed for the purification of dilute, multicomponent wastewater from heavy and nonferrous substances, oil products and other pollutants.
- Drinking water treatment technology. The company offers its own approach for the purification of various types of natural waters on based on many years of research using its own innovative sorbents. The technology provides for joint use, together with basic coagulants, of the solid-phase inorganic flocculant-sorbent.
- Radionucleide extraction technology. The technology provides for the purification of radiation-contaminated water in emergency situations.
- Technology for purification of washing water in filter stations. The technology provides for the treatment of wash water with the reagent and a cationic flocculant, the stage of flocculation and phase separation in the settler, filtration in clarifying filters (fast or pressure) with granular loading. This reagent treatment ensures the stable operation of the main water treatment equipment.
- Water pretreatment technology for CHP. The developed technology allows for deep purification of natural surface waters from suspended solids, iron compounds and reduce oxidizability.
The technologies developed are based on the synthesis and use of new generation reagents-highly dispersed inorganic hydrosols with multipurpose functions of a sorbent, co-precipitant and flocculant.
In addition to the main types of water treatment technologies, the company develops a technology for the elimination of emergency spills of oil and petroleum products, as well as a technology for softening water in water treatment processes.
A Russian company is interested in finding foreign partners from various fields of industry to conclude a manufacturing agreement. Within the framework of the manufacturing agreement, the company is looking for companies that develop water purification technologies and also deal with issues in the field of water resources management. On the basis of this agreement, a Russian company is ready to provide services for the introduction of water treatment technologies. The assessment of the applicability of the technology is determined based on the initial data received from the partner. After that, the technical task is prepared.
Depending on the tasks set, a Russian company can offer the following works necessary for the partner: development of a project for new treatment facilities; modernization of existing treatment facilities; supply of innovative reagents; development of new technologies at existing wastewater treatment facilities.
The purpose of this agreement is to create new long-term partnership agreements.
Compared to their analogs, the company_ s sorbents produced have higher sorption capabilities. They reduce the cost of water treatment, water consumption, and wastewater disposal by 30%.
Also, to reduce water consumption by industrial enterprises (by 10-25%) by creating circulation systems.
The technology is able to reduce the amount of solid waste from industrial enterprises and reduce the intensity of mineral deposits in recycling production systems. Thanks to these properties, sorbents reduce the corrosion of equipment.

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