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Empresa holandesa especializada en membranas tubulares de ultrafiltración y ósmosis forzada busca socios para desarrollar nuevas aplicaciones de productos existentes y nuevos productos


An SME in Tubular Membranes for Ultra-Filtration and Forward Osmosis (UF and FO) located in the Netherlands is searching one or more partners to further develop new applications for existing tubular ultra filtration membrane products as well as for Forward Osmosis technology. The client is considering a technical cooperation agreement


"A company based in the Netherlands with more than 1,000 references and 50 years of experience in membrane technology (ultra-filtration and forward osmosis technology) is searching for multinational partners to develop new applications for existing technology as well for innovative tubular forward osmosis technology. The tubular UF and FO membranes are particularly relevant to do filtration and/or concentration of streams with high solids levels.
UF membranes are particularly relevant for the treatment of waste water streams that are difficult to treat with conventional technologies or to directly filter particular substances from any stream. Examples of UF membranes applications are in a membrane bioreactor used for industrial and municipal waste water treatment; waste streams with high concentrations of organic material, fat, oils and grease; Zero-Liquid-Discharge industries.
The Forward Osmosis (FO) membranes are particularly interesting to industries that need to concentrate fluids. The FO membranes are mainly used in the food&beverage industries, both in product and process streams.

The client is looking for partners, primarily in the Oil&Gas and Zero-Liquid-Discharge industry, although other industries will be considered too. Given the impact of weather and climate conditions on the wastewater characteristics, the client company is looking for partners from different climate zones (e.g. Mediterranean, Nordics and Central Europe).

The client is considering a technical cooperation agreement. In the cooperation the client will provide support in know-how and experience in membrane technology and the application in current markets to help the partner develop the technology in the new markets. After succesful development, the partner will be licensed to market the membranes for the particular industry. Whether this is done through a licence agreement of a distribution agreement is subject to contract discussions."

Current Stage of development 6:Already on the market Exploitation of RTD results18:Private (in-house) research Intellectual property rights 6:Patent(s) applied for but not yet granted
Organisation type Current and potential domain of application


Collaboration type 10:Technical cooperation agreement

"The client is looking for (a) partner(s) in order to find new applications for their existing Tubular Ultra Filtration modules and systems. Preferably in the Oil&Gas and Zero-Liquid-Discharge industry, although other industries will be considered too. The client will provide support in know how and expertise of the membrane development and the membrane particularities, based on its 50 years experience and the behaviour of the membranes in current applications. Furthermore, the client is also looking for (a) partner(s) to develop new Tubular Forward Osmosis applications on a larger scale. The client has patent rights to this technology. In order to develop new applications the potential partner is expected to have expertise in a certain industry (e.g. food & beverage, zero-liquid-discharge ect). To develop the new application the client is looking for a technical cooperation agreement. After the technology is successfully developed for a new application, the new application can be licensed to the company for certain countries and/or regions with exclusivity to distribute the technology and application."

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