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Búsqueda de consorcios para H2020 SU-DRS-2018-2019-2020: Tecnologías para servicios de emergencias – prevención y mitigación de riesgos


An Italian company is interested in taking part in project proposals addressing environmental monitoring, risk prevention and risk mitigation, sensors and wildfires, through decision support systems. The company already has experience in EU funded projects and is open to research collaborations with other EU organisations working to submit under SU-RS02-2018-2019-2020 call.


The nowadays worldwide wildfire context is defined by extreme fire behaviour characterized by rapid fire spread, intense burning, long-range fire spotting and unpredictable shifts. Extreme wildfire events have an extraordinary socio-economic impact in terms of both loss of human life and economic damage. The main problems that faced firefighters operators are: lack of reliable early-time fire detection tools; unpredictability of fire ignition and unpredictable behavior of extreme events.
An Italian company is interested in applying, as a partner or as a supplier, within a project proposal to improve capabilities and skills of First Responders organisations with a focus on their cooperative work during the mitigation of large disasters, under the call SU-DRS-2018-2019-2020 (Technologies for First Responders), of Horizon 2020. Company already has a network of partners that could be involved and is interested in being partner or supplier of the project proposal.
The idea behind is to have a Decision Support System (DSS), that aims to support actions in the three main phases of fire management:
1. forest fire prevention and mitigation;
2. event management;
3. post-fire recovery.
The solution alllows to have through satellite images, in-situ ancillary data and weather numerical predictions, timely and reliable fire forecast information.
The Italian company is interested in finding a potential consortium that could include from public administrations to private companies, involved in fire monitoring, prevention, management and damage mitigation, interested in submitting a proposal under the mentioned call (sub-topic Open).
The searched consortium should foresee to implement a proposal addressing systems for first reponders in the call having deadline in August 2020.
Deadline for the call: 27 August 2020
Deadline for EOIs: 01 August 2020 The solution refers to a Decision Support System for civil protection and organisations involved in firefighting.

Current Stage of development Project already started Exploitation of RTD resultsH2020 – Industrial Leadership – Innovation in SMEs (incl. SME Instrument) Intellectual property rights Other
Organisation type Current and potential domain of application

Collaboration type Research cooperation agreement

Partners and coordinators that are currently involved in or thinking to form consortia for the open H2020 Security calls in Disaster Resilient Societies or Infrastructure. Organisations with Horizon 2020 experience that are active in disaster relief and wildfire management or need partners that can provide such services.

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