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Detalle de Oportunidad Tecnológica

CódigoEEN HORIZON-CL3-2022-FCT-01-04
Alta en la Red: 28/4/2021
Deadline: 8/9/2022
Tipo: Convocatoria

Título Línea de financiación en Horizonte Europa: Protección de espacios públicos

Descripción HORIZON-CL3-2022-FCT-01-04: Protección de espacios públicos respetando la privacidad y evitando la vigilancia masiva

In recent years, the number of different tools for the surveillance of public spaces has been growing at massive pace in most European cities. CCTV-systems in public spaces are the most evident examples. They have been expanded in terms of quantity (number of CCTV in public spaces, such as squares, streets or touristic sites), quality (improved solution of images, possibility of tracking and automatic pattern-recognition) and also scope (CCTV present in areas like parks, 24/7 recording as standard due to higher data storage capacities).

Projects’ results are expected to contribute to all of the following outcomes:

• Improved understanding by local authorities, operators and policy makers of the effect of large-scale surveillance of public spaces on the behaviour of citizens and possible negative effects on local communities;

• Enhanced transparency for citizens on different forms of surveillance by law enforcement, local authorities and private actors in public spaces, and increased awareness of applicable rights towards operators of such systems;

• Improved protection of public spaces without the need for 24/7 data collection and storage;

• Set of common standards and good practices by local authorities, operators and policy makers for internal access restriction, anonymization and data minimization allowing a proportionate use of already installed surveillance-systems (such as CCTV) in public spaces, reducing the risk of misuse of collected data and respecting fundamental rights, especially the protection of personal data.



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