Detalle de Oportunidad Tecnológica

CódigoEEN BEFR20190410001
Alta en la Red: 15 / 2 / 2019
Deadline: 9 / 4 / 2019
Tipo: Eventos

Título IoT/AI/Robotics brokerage event @ SIdO (The IoT Showroom) in Lyon, France

Descripción You are welcome to participate to IoT Match @ SIdO 2019, international business meetings supported by Enterprise Europe Network. It will take place in Lyon (France) on April 10th-11th. This brokerage event is open for all participants (companies, clusters, R&D institutions) interested in cooperating in the frame of Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and robotics sectors. The brokerage event targets the 3 technologies groups of IoT, AI & Robotics + applications markets : - Internet of Things (5G, autonomous vehicles, blockchain, cloud, cryptocurrencies, machine to machine, parts/kits, printing/scanning, processors/chips, protocols / telecom / infrastructures, quantum computing, sensors / sensor networks) - Robotics (consumer robotics, industrial robotics, hardware for robots, software for robots, UAVs / Drones) - Artificial Intelligence (algorithms, AR/MR/VR, data analytics, data collection, digital assistant, facial/visual recognition, machine learning, voice/sound recognition) - Applications markets (agrifood/agritech, customer experience, energy & utilities, healthcare, home, lifestyle/entertainment, manufacturing industry, transport & logistics, security & safety, smart city, other)

Subjectkey: #Automation, Robotics Control Systems #Artificial Intelligence (AI) #Imaging, Image Processing, Pattern Recognition #Cloud Technologies #Internet of Things #Artificial intelligence applications for cars and transport



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