Detalle de Oportunidad Tecnológica

CódigoEEN BEES20200416001
Alta en la Red: 14/2/2020
Deadline: 17/3/2021
Tipo: Eventos

Título Farmaforum 2021 Brokerage Event

Descripción Within the framework of the International Congress FARMAFORUM, COSMETICAFORUM and BIOTECHFORUM 2021 (Madrid, March 18th), the Enterprise Europe Network organises the 6th edition of Farmaforum International cooperation Day in Life Science to exchange information between possible technological partners. The main objective of the event is to create a meeting forum for companies, research institutes, universities and other organisations that are actively engaged within the field of Pharma, Biopharma, Cosmetic, Biotech and Lab Technology. Participants may provide opportunities for collaboration and business based on technology, through aimed-to-agreement bilateral meetings. Main topics: Pharmaceutics, Health, Cosmetics, Bio-industries, Biotech in Cosmetic. Related sectors: logistic, regulations, quality and production.



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