Detalle de Oportunidad Tecnológica

CódigoEEN BEES20190327001
Alta en la Red: 8 / 2 / 2019
Deadline: 22 / 3 / 2019
Tipo: Eventos

Título Greencities: International Brokerage Event on Smart Cities

Descripción Enterprise Europe Network is organising in Málaga on March 27th-28th the B2B Greencities Brokerage Event. It is a very special interesting Smart Cities forum, as it is stated in the Spanish “National Smart Cities Plan” that mentioned it as one of the three most important forums in Spain, and the only one that has an international orientation, counting also with Latin-American cities. Another key difference is that there is a wide representation of Spanish cities and more than 50 of them are represented at the networking. Besides the exhibition hall, and the networking area Greencities houses the ICTs & Sustainability forum, a space that holds round tables and conferences where first level experts will generate debate in strategic themes and where smart city goals will be presented, as well as the Smart Lab that will hold the tenth edition of the International Greencities Congress and the second of the Circle Economy Forum, and the elevator pitch where commercial presentation will be presented.

Subjectkey: #Information Processing & Systems, Workflow #IT and Telematics Applications #Telecommunications, Networking #Transport Infrastructure #Traffic, mobility #Renewable Sources of Energy #Energy efficiency #Electronic measurement systems #Environment #Waste Management #Water Management #Socio-economic models, economic aspects #Information and media, society #Citizens participation



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