Detalle de Oportunidad Tecnológica

CódigoEEN BEDE20210322001
Alta en la Red: 28/1/2021
Deadline: 22/3/2021
Tipo: Eventos

Título Encuentros virtuales sobre envasado sostenible

Descripción Enterprise Europe Network is organizing a European-wide marketplace that aims to bring together buyers (corporates or SMEs), innovators (start-ups or SMEs) with good solutions of sustainable food packaging. The 5-days long event (March 22 - 26) comprises matchmaking and an expert talk that will be taking place on the last day. The event will explore how to reduce packaging waste and still safely pack the goods we value, possible health risks from the materials and chemicals used in the packaging; how reducing materials and using sustainable packaging has become a major issue and industry and lawmakers are intensively discussing new solutions. Topics to be covered during the event: - Retailer: packaging strategy for the future - New materials for packaging - Plastic based packaging - Paper based packaging



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