Detalle de Oportunidad Tecnológica

CódigoEEN BEDE20190521001
Alta en la Red: 7 / 2 / 2019
Deadline: 15 / 5 / 2019
Tipo: Eventos

Título Windforce 2019: wind energy brokerage event

Descripción On May 21 Enterprise Europe Network is organising a b2b-matchmaking at the Windforce conference 2019 in Bremerhaven (Germany). Around 250 experts from the wind energy sector from Germany and Europe are expected to participate in the conference. The annual WINDFORCE Conference offers a varied programme for and by deciders and experts of the national and inter-national offshore wind industry. Participants are invited to discuss, meet deciders and experts of the wind industry in interactive sessions. The WINDFORCE Dinner and the b2b matchmaking offer excellent networking opportunities. We invite SMEs, universities and R&D organisations active in the wind energy sector to participate and thus find commercial, technological or research partners from Europe and beyond.




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