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30 / 6 / 2023

Nueva generación de biosensores basados en aptámeros como alternativa a anticuerpos

A French start up offers a new generation of aptamer-based biosensors for rapid tests as alternative to antibodies, identified in vitro and produced by chemical synthesis with reduced costs, ensured sourcing and thermostability. Such tools allow targeting, detecting, quantitating or capturing any chemical or biological...

30 / 6 / 2023

Solución de software para entornos de producción sin papeles

A German SME specialising in software development and digitalisation has developed an innovative software solution for paperless production environments. The software is a web application and works in any web browser. The German SME is looking for interested partners to use the software for a limited period in a test e...

29 / 6 / 2023

Material de impresión 3D polimérico, renovable y fácil de usar para sustituir materiales fósiles

An innovative Finnish company has developed biobased coating, barrier film, granulates and renewable 3D printing material and is also offering to develop custom made biomaterials to meet its customer needs. The material is a renewable polymer, designed and manufactured in Finland. It is ideal for replacing fossil-based...

28 / 6 / 2023

Dispositivos y tecnologías de bioseguridad para protección contra virus patógenos

A Ukrainian University offers biosafety devices and technologies to protect humans, animals, plants and food from pathogenic viruses, microorganisms and fungi, and is looking for partners in biology and medicine for joint research and implementation of their research products. The desired types of cooperation are resea...

28 / 6 / 2023

Sistema de control remoto para grúas torre que permite ahorrar energía

A Ukrainian University offers a control system that brings tower cranes to modern standards of safety, energy consumption and ergonomics. The power of tower crane motors is reduced and control is optimized by taking into account nonlinear laws of change of speed of mechanisms in transitional stages of movement. The Uni...

27 / 6 / 2023

Solución para desinfección y eliminación de gérmenes en ambientes interiores (superficies y aire)

A Northern German SME launched to market a mobile aerosol degermination solution to efficiently disinfect interiors in order to protect people in indoor surroundings from risk of virus and bacterial infections. Contacts are sought to application partners e.g. from hotels/tourism industry, fitness/health, conference/fai...