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B2B Meetings in Water management at Cycl Eau Fair: technologies and services

Cycl eau (Bordeaux, France, April 10th - 10th) is a French leading trade fair for water resource management. It offers a unique array of technologies and services for water management including water treatment, distribution, sanitation, smart water, as well as solutions for process efficiency and networks management. ...


Windforce 2019: wind energy brokerage event

On May 21 Enterprise Europe Network is organising a b2b-matchmaking at the Windforce conference 2019 in Bremerhaven (Germany). Around 250 experts from the wind energy sector from Germany and Europe are expected to participate in the conference. The annual WINDFORCE Conference offers a varied programme for and by decide...


Copernicus meets Galileo - Earth observation - Navigation - GeoIT - Conference - Workshops - Matchmaking

Enterprise Europe Network will organize in Bochum (Germany) on May 8th-9th a conference on Copernicus and Galileo technology and combine it with workshops and a matchmaking session. The objective is to offer a marketplace that will enable know-how and technology transfer. Application topics are: - energy industry/ren...


Brokerage Event at BIONNALE 2019

The next edition of BIONNALE will take place on 7th May 2019 in Berlin. Like last year, BIONNALE 2019 will focus on biotechnology, pharmaceutical industries and medical technologies. There will be again lectures on various topics, a speed lecture award for young scientists as well as a brokerage event to promote new pa...


Brokerage event FOWT 2019 dedicated to Floating Offshore Wind Turbines

FOWT (Montpellier, France, April 24th-25th) is the world's largest event dedicated to floating offshore wind turbines. A true international and privileged place for business and partnering. In this context, the Enterprise Europe Network organizes B2B meetings. They have been conceived as a platform of partnerships offe...


IoT/AI/Robotics brokerage event @ SIdO (The IoT Showroom) in Lyon, France

You are welcome to participate to IoT Match @ SIdO 2019, international business meetings supported by Enterprise Europe Network. It will take place in Lyon (France) on April 10th-11th. This brokerage event is open for all participants (companies, clusters, R&D institutions) interested in cooperating in the frame of Int...