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3 / 5 / 2021

Meet in Italy for Life Sciences 2021 Brokerage Event

Are you interested in business, partnering and networking opportunities in the life sciences? Then this is the right place for you! Join the international stage at Meet in Italy for Life Sciences 2021 The brokerage event is divided into: - an ongoing session for virtual meetings, WAITING FOR MIT4LS2021, starting fr...

17 / 3 / 2021

Farmaforum 2021 Brokerage Event

Within the framework of the International Congress FARMAFORUM, COSMETICAFORUM and BIOTECHFORUM 2021 (Madrid, March 18th), the Enterprise Europe Network organises the 6th edition of Farmaforum International cooperation Day in Life Science to exchange information between possible technological partners. The main objecti...

31 / 1 / 2021

chiiOnline - Web Pitches and B2B on Hyperspectral Imaging in Industry

The fourth edition of chii (Conference on Hyperspectral Imaging in Industry) will take place online kicking off with a Welcome Day on 5 November 2020 with 9 subsequent sessions until 27 January 2021. The focus is on current and future hyperspectral developments for industrial applications. The aim is to bring together...

31 / 12 / 2020

Evento virtual de reuniones bilaterales: Innovaciones en medio ambiente, energía y economía circular

International cross-border contacts are more important than ever before. With this long-term virtual Matchmaking, we would like to open up the opportunity to find business and research partners within the fields of Environment, Energy and Circular Economy. Until the end of 2020, this platform offers you the chance to n...

31 / 12 / 2020

Plataforma europea "Care & Industry together against CORONA"

La Enterprise Europe Network, con el liderazgo del gobierno de Flanders, ha lanzado la plataforma "Care & industry together against CORONA". Esta plataforma europea permite gestionar ofertas y demandas ante la situación causada por el COVID-19, compartir conocimiento y, en definitiva, ofrecer soporte ante el escenario ...

31 / 12 / 2020

Biomedica on the move: Plataforma de reuniones virtuales

"Biomedica on the move" is a virtual meeting platform covering a host of topics: wearable devices, monitoring of patients at hospital or at home, artificial intelligence, hardware, software, data analysis, data security (for medical data). At "Biomedica on the move", we offer the opportunity to make targeted and time-...