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28 / 1 / 2022

Búsqueda de una tecnología de doblado en Z con procesado de producto para línea de fabricación

A Belgian multinational active in consumer goods is looking for methods, processes, industry examples, or companies that are capable of producing a Z-folded web with products sandwiched into one side. Licence or technical cooperation agreements are sought with industrial partners, technology providers or research cent...

28 / 1 / 2022

Búsqueda de un tratamiento contra el empañamiento de pantallas faciales transparentes

UK company manufacturing transparent face masks is looking for a permanent hydrophilic treatment for thermoplastic elastomer transparent material. They require a function (ideally via additive, functionalisation or coating) so the material remains anti fog after exhaling on it or during temperature changes. Potential c...

27 / 1 / 2022

Soluciones para mejorar el perfil de bienestar/salud global o seguridad en el cuidado de tejidos o limpieza del hogar

A Belgian multinational active in consumer goods is looking to renew its portfolio with products, technologies or ingredients that can provide claimable/measurable improvements in overall wellness across several benefit areas, such as skin health, scent/sensate induced wellness, sanitization/disinfection/hygiene, aller...

27 / 1 / 2022

Desinfección de superficies y aire

A Belgian multinational active in consumer goods is looking for novel antimicrobial actives and/or full formulations that deliver improved efficacy and lower toxicity than traditional biocides for use on home surfaces (kitchens, bathrooms, soft surfaces, air) in order to stay on track regarding future regulations. Li...

23 / 1 / 2022

Sistema mecanizado innovador para el cambio rápido de filtros

A French SME based in the south of France has developed a mechanized system to replace filters in few seconds which can be used on piping fluids transportation (gas, liquids). The company is now looking for a partner with a good knowledge of end-user applications and processes in order to adapt the solution to the sp...

23 / 1 / 2022

Búsqueda de un fabricante para producir medicamentos veterinarios en pastillas

A French pharmaceutical company is specialized in veterinary medicines. For one of its veterinary drugs, the company is looking for a manufacturer - Contract Manufacturing Organisation (CMO) - to produce tablets. The partner sought must have a veterinary grade and be able to manufacture in a GMP (good manufacturing pra...