Nuevos servicios de Galactea-Plus

  • KAM: Para los proyectos de Instrumento Pyme financiados.

  • Realización de diagnósticos de innovación.

Abierta convocatoria H2020: 5,7 millones de € para fabricación avanzada

The following H2020 Innosup has just opened:

Pan-European advanced manufacturing assistance and training for SMEs

The action will consist of two pillars and is the continuation of the Advanced Manufacturing Support Centre (
• SMEs will be offered assistance to elaborate a transformation plan for their company and will also be coached and guided during the implementation phase of the plan to turn their company into a factory of the future.
• Cross-border training services to be provided to SMEs in cooperation with technology or training centres ("on-site" training delivered at facilities where technologies can be tested and demonstrated such as pilot lines).
Available budget: €5.7 million (of which 65% benefiting SMEs directly).
Call opening: 4 August 2020.
Call closure: 1 December 2020.

More information on the call site.

Fecha Publicación 05/08/2020